June 28, 2010

World Cup Weekend

I don’t know why but I’ve walked away from the weekend feeling extremely home sick. I don’t know why exactly – I couldn’t pin it down to any single occurrence. I think it’s just the end of a long week and the heat is getting to me. It’s kind of overwhelming, the feeling of wanting to be back in California, and although I know it will pass – Munich is good to me! – it’s hard not to give in to the longing for things that I’ve left behind. I miss stupid stuff like Aquafina, shopping at Target, Coke with ice in it and free refills. I’m always missing my family and friends and sometimes the realization that I can’t visit them on weekends or holidays hits me harder than I’d like to admit. I’m still trying to make friends here but it’s hard because everyone is so established and they’ve got their friends and routines. I’ve had a hard time coordinating schedules or getting a hold of the new people that I’ve met. So far, Jessica has been great. I love spending time with her, she’s a great friend and I think we get along so well because we’re both figuring it all out together and it’s so new and exciting for both of us. I’m not going to give up though – don’t worry. I’ll make more friends, I’m not worried about that, but I guess I just expected it to be easier or faster or something.

Although my dearest, most wonderful sister-cousin, Christy, said that she would send me a comfort/care package and I couldn’t think of one thing that I wanted more than that. In fact, any letters, postcards, or pictures sent from the home states would be incredibly thoughtful and very well received. I couldn’t tell you what I’d give to have St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub in my shower or even just one bottle of American, fancy-pants water like Aquafina or Dasani. My taste buds are doing happy dances just thinking about it. So, when Christmas rolls around, if you’re wondering what I’d like to have – think only the simple necessities.

Putting my homesickness and sad faces aside, it was a pretty exciting weekend here in Munich. Deutschland played in the World Cup against England yesterday(Sunday).  The USA played Ghana on Saturday but it wasn’t very exciting – the US doesn’t really care about soccer like Europe does so I don’t think we were very invested in the outcome. But Sunday was on fire for the football fans here in Germany (which is pretty much everyone). The whole country seemed to make all their plans revolve around the game.

Jessica and I went into the Englischer Gartens and just basked in the sun for about an hour before we rode bikes to the Chinesische Turm biergartens to watch the game. Before we even got there, when we were still lying out on the grass, we knew that Germany had scored because the cheers of thousands of screaming fans erupted from within the trees, because at least three nearby biergartens had public viewing and everyone went crazy! Right when we got to the biergarten, Germany had scored again and the crowds were going crazy. It was incredible to see such dedication and enthusiasm for a sport. I’ve never seen it at that caliber before, not even for the Superbowl.

This video was put up on YouTube, and although I did not film it, it captures the celebrations perfectly. I was able to experience all of this, from the craziness inside the UBahn trains down to the PACKED streets at Leopoldstrasse. Even though I was exhausted and didn’t party it up, it was still really cool to experience and I’m glad that I was in Munich to experience it! I can only imagine how Germany will celebrate if they actually win the World Cup. That will be a crazy day…

And now begins another week for me here in Munich. I’ m down to 30 Euros but I get paid on Wednesday so I’m going to take it easy for a few days – ride my bike into the Englischer Gartens, read my book, listen to my iPod, enjoy the sunshine. And when I get paid again I’ll buy another UBahn pass and some more credits for my phone and figure out how to pay for my bills that are back in America which are due soon. Sigh. What I wouldn’t give for a rich benefactor to pay all my bills for me. It’s really stressing me out!

I’ve been checking out prices for traveling – I really want to get out of Munich eventually and see other parts of Europe. It’s so cheap to fly around here. I found a plane fare from Munich to London for 57 Euros for Christmas vacation. That’s amazing. And a train ride to Garmisch (where I can’t wait to visit) is only 18 Euros. Hopefully I’ll get to do that later in the summer or early fall but especially in the winter so I can see the Alps covered in snow. Eventually I’d love to get out and go to Amsterdam and Italy – Milan, Venice, Rome. And then to Spain to see Jackie and to see Barcelona. I want to go to Dublin, Ireland and venture out to Scotland to see my homeland. I’m so anxious to see it all, yet fearful that I won’t be able to afford any of it! Sucks that my money problems have followed me here, doesn’t it? Ah, oh well! I won’t do any shopping and if you want me to send you souvenirs, send me some money for package and post! :)

Now I’m off to enjoy the beautiful day. Hope all is well!



Jessica said...

Ahhh. love it :)
We had SO much fun over the weekend, and I'm so glad I got to enjoy all those firsts with you! :)
Don't worry girl, you will make friends sooner than later. You're a ton of fun to be around so I'm pretty sure the more you mingle, the more people will want to get to know you and adventure around Munich! I think you are grand at making new friends :)

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