June 9, 2010

I Think I’ll Go to the Seaside

I am back in California. After two weeks in Montana and one night in Monterey, this will be my last stop before I go abroad next week. And yes, I am stealing pictures of my hometown off of the Internet, rather than taking them myself. Lazy? I like to use the word, resourceful. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty good resting place for my last days in California, isn’t it? I am really going to miss these beaches, the ocean, the harbors, the smell of salt water and fish in the air. Ah.


As my mom and Neil are on their own little summer vacation (Alaskan cruise and visiting my long-lost grandfather in Washington) I am alone for six days with the two cats. And they’re about as lazy  as I am.

DSCN2096Dorie’s really getting into this whole packing thing. 

DSCN2100Lily’s not doing much of anything, really.
Except being princessy. 

For the first time since graduation, things are finally settling down. Ever since mid-May I felt like I’d been running around with an agenda and now… I don’t really have one.  My two week vacation in Montana was great - I’m so glad that I was able to go but it was rife with emotion. I learned so much about myself and my relationships with the people that I love.  It’s hard to come back from that without feeling a little frazzled. But they sure did send me off in style. My dad BBQ’d and my friends and family members came out to bid me farewell and to welcome Madisyn to the family as well. Double party!

27749_10150201691985463_549715462_12943258_410977_nI didn’t mind sharing!

DSCN2066BBQ’d ribs, chicken, Chinese salad, frog eye salad and baked beans.
Hell yes. 

After a long day of traveling, I spent one night in Monterey with my friends before I headed back to Morro Bay. It was so good seeing them again. I was a bit apprehensive about having to say goodbye again. Doing it once was hard enough but it was actually really good to see them again and have a proper good-bye.

DSCN2092Lunch date. <3

After visiting over a yummy lunch at Lalla Grille we said our good-byes and then Lauren and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and visiting with some family friends of ours. And then I headed back to Morro Bay. And although it sucks to be away from my friends when they’re just so close (only 2 hours away!) it’s really nice to have some time to myself… to be alone and just getting my head wrapped around this trip. I haven’t really had any time to think about it. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited or nervous and I can’t really say. I don’t know how I feel about it. I haven’t really had time to focus on it just yet. So I plan on doing that over the next few days!

But, really, how does one prepare for a year long trip? I know I’m going to forget something. And it will not be my passport. Ha.

I haven’t actually been doing any packing, to be honest. But I have gotten myself prepared in other areas. Like… for the long day of travel. I’ve spent most of last night and today converting some online movie files (via Sarah’s computer movie collection) to Quicktime so that I can watch them on my iPod. Movies include:

Clash of the Titans
Date Night
The Invention of Lying
How to Train Your Dragon
Youth in Revolt
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
The Crazies
Whip It
Away We Go

I’ve also cleaned up my iTunes and transfered old, unloved, and neglected music files over to my external hard drive so that I can fit aforementioned movies onto my iPod. In the process, I also gave my playlist collection a make-over and bought some new music since the 600+ songs I tried to copy from Lauren’s computer did want to transfer. I needed to compensate so I actually bought music to make myself feel better. My favorite buys of the day:


Hanson – Shout it Out
I don’t really feel the need to explain my first choice. If you know me at all, you're aware of the fact that I’ve been a Hanson fan since I was eleven and any time that they release a new album (today!) I am all over it. I’m not so much of a fan girl anymore but this album is pretty good. Although This Time Around will always be my favorite.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (Self-titled)
I found this album randomly through Amazon MP3s but the second that I listened to it, I loved it. The first track, alone, had me hooked. It’s powerful and fun and it just made me want to get up and dance. It’s a great album. You should check it out. 

And with that, I will leave you now. I am going to go start my dinner and continue watching the Law & Order SVU marathon that has been on ALL day. This is my favorite show. I don’t think you realize how happy I’ve been today.



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