June 16, 2010

The UBahn, Shopping at the DM, and Marienplatz

I ventured into Munich with Helen this morning (Wed. June 16th) and had my first official taste of the city. It’s incredible! Even though it was raining, it was the perfect adventure. We went to the UBahn first and I had to get a ticket – we went for the weekly train ticket, at 12 Euro. That will run pretty expensive after a while. But, ah… what can you do. I’ve got to get around! We got on at Nordfriedhof, the station in our neighborhood. The UBahn was a pretty cool experience. I’ve been on subways before and this was pretty much the same thing but just cooler because it is German. Helen had to give me some UBahn tips like, stay to the right on the escalators because the left side is for passing. Ha. She also got me familiar with the map and the stations that I would be using most often. Fortunately, the U6 line is the one that will take me right to Marienplatz. I caught on very quickly, to say the least. 

We got off at Münchner Freiheit (not the band) and picked up some supplies at the DM. Their products are kind of the same as in America but also so different. Everything is in German so if I don’t know the brand or the purpose of whatever it is, I’m completely lost on it. Fortunately, they had my old favorites. Although they don’t have any apricot scrub. Super bummed about that. :(


I took home 5,30 Euros worth of goods. 



After our trip to the DM, we got back on the UBahn and went to Marienplatz. I was secretly really excited about this and as soon as we walked out of the station, this HUGE castle slash church slash city hall slash Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry towered above us to the left. I looked up and felt like I was in this strange fantasy land. I’ve never before in my life seen architecture like this. The history in America just doesn’t compare. The Neues Rathaus (it’s real name) is just so beautiful. I told Helen she was walking with me in my fantasy land. I really felt like I was in the middle of a snow globe or something. It was so unreal. I’m not used to that kind of historical majesty towering before me.


Marienplatz is really good for shopping and fun things like that so Helen and I ventured into a cell phone store and got me a mobile phone (AKA mein Handy, for future reference). I just a simple little pre-paid phone, a silver Samsung E1080. My only contact thus far: the Frau. Soon, Helen and the rest of my future Munich friends!

samsung-e1080_l.png After the cell phone adventure, Helen had to get on the S-Bahn to go to her nanny job so I ventured out into Marienplatz on my own. My goal was to find a power adapter for my electronics. Helen pointed me in the right direction and I was off. It was raining, raining, raining so I just kept my hood up and my spirits bright. I really enjoyed walking through the center, enjoying the little shops and stores. I didn’t really go into any of them, as I had an agenda, but I did window shop. They have a few H&M's, Espirit, Swarovski crystal, Rolex, and little markets with giant pretzels, fatty sandwiches, and, of course, bratwurst. I didn’t try any of it, I was being a little shy but I did get to use a little of the German that I do know.

“Sprechen Sie Englisch?”

Using this technique, I managed to get a box of delicious raspberries for 1 Euro. And yes, that was my lunch for the day. I’m going to be hungry for a while, until I figure out a good schedule and/or budget my money. But in this house, they don’t really eat breakfast (well, Die Kinder have their cereal) which is too bad because I love breakfast. I fully plan on enjoying my cereal in the morning with the girls.

Anyway, after I walked around a bit, I managed to find a power adapter at Saturn (AKA Germany’s Best Buy). It cost me a pretty penny, about 9 Euros. But then I had what I wanted and I made my way back home. I got back onto the UBahn and using Helen’s tips, “Follow the direction of the Fröttmaning football!” and “Walk in the direction of the airport signs!” I was able to make my way back home. Here are some pictures of my peaceful journey:

DSC03165The gate to a beautiful cemetery which is just around the corner.

DSC03168The path that I will be walking day after day.

Once I was home, I did some work (AKA blogging and Facebook) on my computer and relaxed a little bit. But thank Heavens for a good view!

DSCN2185My room overlooks the English Gardens!

Coming soon:
Stories from my first afternoon with Die Kinder
More city exploring!


Anonymous said...

You're making me wish I were there! I admire you for going for it in a strange city all by your lonesome during your first week; I'd be completely lost within the first five minutes, sobbing uncontrollably in a corner somewhere.. :D

Kara said...

Sounds like you're getting settled nicely! And I love Nivea products in Germany much better than the stuff sold here!! Loreal stuff is generally better, there, too!

And isn't the U-Bahn in Munich so clean?

a. lois hickey said...

Hi Heather,

Just a little note to tell you how much I’m enjoying reading your blog. I used to live in Munich (I am American, also) and consider it my true home. I found myself, there.

I see so much in your postings that remind me of my time in Munich: getting acquainted with the new life and culture, foods, walks, new sights and sounds and scents. New climate.

So I’ll live vicariously through your blog, for a while, here. My heart aches as I miss Munich more than I could ever express. I know what you mean when you say that you’re falling in love with Munich--I did, also. Once Munich gets into your heart, it never truly leaves--no matter how far away from it you might one day find yourself.

Enjoy your time, there. It truly is a little heaven on earth. If I might add, one of the most precious things I brought back to America with me were memories of walking in Munich, so I'm tickled pink to see you enjoying your walks, so much! It’s the best way to experience life, there.

My best to you!

A. Lois

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