June 22, 2010

The Weekday Routine Plus a Little Extra

And so begins my second week…

It’s hard to believe that have been here for one week. Time is going by too fast already! I know I have so much more time to do all the things I am looking forward to which is why I don’t feel bad about taking it easy this week. At least until Thursday, anyway.

Yesterday I spent the entire day at the house. I had my first morning with the girls. I prepared the table and kitchen for breakfast and met the father for the first time. He is an international tax lawyer and is gone ALL the time. He comes home at like 9 pm and leaves at 9 am. So I don’t usually see him. But he’s very nice! He speaks English fluently, he went to school at Georgetown and works in the United States occasionally. It was nice to finally meet him, I was beginning to think he didn’t exist!

After breakfast, the girls were off to school. I cleaned their bedroom and play room (pretty routine schedule – I did the same today…) and then when the Frau returned, we went over the schedule for the rest of the week and through ‘til the end of the year. I have two weeks off over Christmas so I know when to buy my tickets for Christmas, the 24th through January 8th. ’m going to go to England and stay with my friend Alison. We’ll hop all over England, visiting friends. It should be fun! I have a few weekends off during the summer, mostly in August and, of course, for my birthday in November.

After my au pair duties yesterday, I went for a jog in the Englischer Gartens. I’m starting this new workout routine which is fairly do-able. When paired with my current meal routine it will make me look AWESOME. Mon/Wed/Fri will be my new routine and I have all the time in the world, seeing as I have pretty much the same schedule everyday. Plus, the Gartens are gorgeous. I hope to get some good pictures in there soon. The place is huge though… it will take me more than one trip to see it all, guaranteed.

This is pretty much the norm for my weekdays. I plan on taking it easy most of the time, sometimes venturing out into the city in the hours between my au pair responsibilities. Today I have to get a new train ticket – my first week has expired. And then I’ll actually go out and use it. I think I’m just going to get off on an UBahn stop and see what I run into. That’s the best way to explore. And the nice thing about the UBahn is that I can always find my way home in the end.

On Sunday, I did a bit of exploring with Jessica and another American au pair, Mikell. We wanted to go into the Gartens but it was raining ALL DAY so we just walked around Marienplatz, Munchner Freiheit and Odeonplatz. We went to the Hofbrauhaus for lunch. The food was delicious and the beer was incredible, as always. Plus, it was really cool to see it in the flesh and not just through touristy YouTube videos. We were sitting right next to the oompah! music so it was delightfully festive.

DSCN2318I always hold my beer in such strange ways…

DSCN2323  Incredible architecture!

We proceeded to wander around for the remainder of the afternoon. All in all, it was a successful Sunday. :)

DSCN2330Finally… one of me with the Neues Rathaus





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