June 4, 2010

Rainy Days

I don’t care what anyone says. I love the rain. I hate being out in it, I don’t like being wet or having wet shoes, wet pants, etc. But I love listening to it. It’s pouring down right now and I am sitting here in my bedroom (aka the guest room) at my dad’s house with the window wide open. Weather reports say it might storm, which would be awesome because I love thunder storms. You don’t get that kind of weather on the central coast. Living in Montana, however, we got those storms every summer. I’d love to get one now, right before I leave. Although I was kind of looking forward to my dad’s softball game tonight. Hopefully I get the best of both worlds. Ha.

217254677_d07d99cd11I stole this picture online. But it’s a great image of the city of Missoula,
where I grew up, where I am vacationing now.

I’m leaving Montana on Sunday which actually makes me kind of sad. It’s very bittersweet, I’ve had such a good time here. I’ve been enjoying my family so much. It’s been so nice seeing them again and really getting to know them. I appreciate and love them so much more than I ever did when I was a kid. There are so many politics and family alliances involved in divorce and blended families. I am so happy that I am older now and able to understand that my family loves me and that, despite everything we’ve been through, we’re all in it together. I’m so grateful that I was able to have this vacation. It’s been a blessing!

Tomorrow my family is having a BBQ for me. My dad is a grill master and makes some mean ribs. And there will be cake! My grandma and aunt, uncle, and cousin are coming by and Sarah will be coming too. I’m hoping my brother will be able to come but I think he has to work. That will be a bummer because I’ve hardly spent any time with him at all since I’ve been here. That’s mostly just because of communication problems and his work schedule. But he knows that I love him! So, I’ll see him when I see him, I guess!

This morning I spent a few hours with my step-sister, Sam, and helped her with the baby. We took Madisyn in to get weighed. She looks bigger to me, each time that I see her, but she’s not gaining weight so it’s got Sam really frustrated. But I really enjoyed the morning and was happy to spend some quality time with my niece. She’s so beautiful and sweet. I love her so much! And I had a good time with Sam, too! We didn’t get along very well as kids so it’s always nice to sit and just talk with her and get to know her. Relationships are so much better as an adult! I’m glad for that! Everything makes sense!

I plan on just enjoying my last few days here. Saturday and Sunday. That’s it. Then it’s back to California for a week before I leave the country!

I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon – 11 days. It’s crazy. I still can’t believe it. Am I really about to do this? It’s so exciting, I never thought that this kind of thing would happen to me. But it is. In eleven days. I am flying out of LAX so soon. I can’t even fathom that two weeks from today I will be hanging out in Munich, Germany. I’ve been having dreams about my trip, pretty much every night, and I usually wake up expecting to be there already. It’s crazy, they’re really vivid, realistic dreams too. I hope that reality lives up to my imagination. Ha. Or that it’s even better. Which, I’m fairly certain, it will be. :)


Destination: Munich.
Countdown: 11 days.


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