June 10, 2010

Get ‘er Done: Planning and Other Fun Stuff


Countdown to Munich: 4 days

Oh my God, it’s coming up so soon. I’m not sure if I’m ready or not. Part of me is really, really excited but another part of me is really anxious about venturing into the unknown.  I feel like there is still so much to do but I’m completely clueless as to what is left. Having all of this time to myself with endless amounts of NOTHINGNESS has been very good for me. But I will admit, I haven’t been maximizing my productivity.

Mostly, I’ve been on my computer (aka Facebook, blogging, music, and other mindless crap) and have been watching TV and eating a lot. Well, I’ve went and done a little bit of exercise too. Ha. Bike riding counts but my ass hurts. Damn bike seat! I started organizing the clothes that I need to pack but it all came to a standstill when I became overwhelmed with the thought of actually packing these things into one (or two) suitcases.


This is how I’ve managed to organize things. Because my mom is gone, I’ve used her super cool king size bed as my home base for organization. Clothes are seperated into sections (e.g, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, pants, etc) and shoes and other random things are laid out on the floor. Trouble is… I’m afraid of what I need to do next. It’s really daunting. Because if it weighs too much then I’m paying a lot of money in baggage fees.

After calling the Air Berlin customer service, I had it all explained to me. Weight limits, restrictions, etc. So I feel a little bit better but I still need to do something about it. And sooner, rather than later, would be ideal seeing as time is ticking away and my departure date is almost here!


Travel Date (Monday June 14th)

  • Coast Flyer shuttle to LAX leaves San Luis Obispo at 8 am (up by at least 5:30 or 6)
  • Arrive at LAX at 12:45/1:00
  • Check-in for Air Berlin opens four hours before my flight (1:45)
  • Find something to do for 45 minutes before I can check my baggage
  • Get through security / customs / whatever else
  • Hang out in the terminal for 3.5 hours (which means I will make good use of my iPod, computer, and books)

According to the lovely Air Berlin representative that I talked to, this is what I need to know:


  • 1 free checked bag (up to 50 lbs) – over 50 lbs but under 70 lbs is $25
  • 1 carry-on (backpack or small suitcase - w/laptop) – up to 16 lbs +  1 personal  bag (purse, etc)
  • Excess: First extra baggage (50-70 lbs) - $25, second extra baggage (up to 50 lbs) - $40 (over 50 lbs but under 70 lbs – add $25), third (or more) extra baggage (up to 70 lbs) - $150

My goal: Two checked bags. I’d like for the first to be free but if I have to pay $25, I’ll do it. The second bag will not be more than 70 lbs so if anything, I don’t plan to pay more than $65 total for checked luggage.

Now, for my 11+ hour flight…


  • Meals are provided: dinner right after flight take off, breakfast in the morning
  • Inflatable pillow (but don’t blow it up all the way, she said, it’s more comfortable only half inflated) and blanket
  • In-flight entertainment – drop down screen, free movies, TV shows, and music

My goal: Take advantage of the free movies but have my iPod charged (and my power kit charged for back-up). Have some good sleeping pills (courtesy of my mom). And at least two to three books.

42-15311181 Arrival

  • Conduct my currency exchange at an ATM machine IN Düsseldorf, Germany – exchange rate is better!
  • 1.5 hour layover – enjoy a German airport
  • Land in Munich at 4:30 pm Germany time on June 15th (aka 7:30 am June 15th California time)
  • Navigate my way through a foreign airport (I hear it’s mostly in English, anyway)
  • Customs, baggage claim, etc.
  • Get a taxi to my new residence, address in hand in case my driver speaks little English (which I doubt)
  • Arrive at the house and begin my new life (jet lag, exhaustion, confusion, and sheer excitement included)!

I can do this.



Kara said...

From experience, German airports are the most efficient machine I've ever seen, especially customs! Because so many tourists visit Munich and it was part of the American zone post-WWII, English generally isn't a problem.

I'm so excited for you! Let me know if you need any language help early on. :) It's gonna be a blast!

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