April 15, 2010

Two Months and Counting

Exactly two months from today I will be on a plane to Munich, Germany. I just had to say that. Although I know it makes some very sad (my dearest friends, I love you so much for this) but I am extremely excited to go. I will miss my life in California but I am so ready to get out and explore the world. I deserve it, don’t you think? Which reminds me…

I turned in my Capstone on Monday which, as I’ve mentioned before, is my graduating thesis project. I signed up to give my presentation to the class on Monday and so my prof was quick to read through and get comments on my project. She handed them back in today and I was sure that she would have marked it up and told me that my conclusion was weak, that I was missing pieces and information. Ladies and gentleman, I should not have doubted myself. She said that she loved it, that it was very good, and all that I needed to fix were some tense uses and most of the APA formatting. I was incredibly relieved to know that over the next month and a half, I have all of my work cut out for me. I just need to edit it, make out my presentation for class and for the Capstone Festival (which is May 20th, FYI) and then put together my final binder which will be submitted and then my project will be archived. Woo! The end is so near I can actually feel it under my feet!

IMG000341This is me and my ‘I love it’ Capstone draft. :) :)

I wish I had more news to report but I don’t! Tomorrow is Happy Hour at Santa Lucia with some friends. More German bier!


Kara said...

Congratulations on getting such a major project in its final stages! That has got to feel great.

I remember in grad school one of my biggest problems was always APA formatting, too, because I had spent the previous 8 years of my life (HS and undergrad) using MLA.

Hope the presentation goes well, too!

LenaBug said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go!! :)

Angela said...

Just thought I'd say hi! I found your blog through 20sb.
I'm a nanny, so I'll be excited to hear about your Au Pair adventures!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your thesis! Mine's still languishing.. but soon, soon, I will be done too!

Munich! I LOVE Germany! So excited for you. I hope you get to travel around Europe while you're there! x

Brittany said...

I saw you're no longer blogging, but I'm going to be an au pair in Germany soon and I love reading about other peoples experiences. This post is exactly where I am now. I'm so excited to live vicariously through your blog posts and others until then. =]

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