April 11, 2010


I love German beer!


After a 8 hour work day at the crazy kid’s museum, my friend slash co-worker, Chesty, I mean… Chelsea… and I went to Santa Lucia restaurant for some German brew. I’d heard that this place (which is pretty much across the street from my work) had German food and beer but I’d just had yet to try it. So we decided that we deserved it after a long day at work and we had some delicious brew. The lovely bartenders there enjoyed my stories of future German living and were happy to serve us their brews and get my feedback.

We had Spaten and Hofbräuhaus. The latter of the two was my favorite, which is good because I really want to go here:


And after drinking only one stein (woo!) I felt pleasantly buzzed and showed off my really good country singing skills to Chesty (she likes it… ha) while we waited for her BF to come pick her up.

Awesome! One more thing for me to be excited about! Beer gardens! Oktoberfest! Beir!



Anonymous said...

i love your blog. except now i want to go to germany. and to drink a beer. :)

also - it's probably in here somewhere but i was thinking about the 20sb discussion re: loving your bod, etc. i think it's important to love yourself and especially your appearance/the way you were made regardless of circumstances, but given the insecurities you verbalize, have you tried any nutritional or exercise plans? i am kind of intense about that kind of stuff but it is 90% about loving myself/wanting to take care of myself and prob only 10% about the fact that im a superficial bitch. ;) just curious about what you might have tried (if anything)... hope that isn't too personal to ask! i know we bloggers can be oversharers/overly nosy~!

miss_kay said...

I went to Germany this past summer. The "X" factor is German. It was my favorite place out of our whole Eurotrip.

The one thing that comes to mind when I think of Deutschalnd is the amazing beer and flavored liquor they had.

Bitburger Braugrupp mein lieblingsbier!! :)

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