April 22, 2010


After spending about 3 hours doing laundry, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am completely and totally unprepared for the task that lies ahead of me: deciding what I want need to take to Germany.

How the hell am I supposed to pack for a one year stay? What can I live without? Do I need to take three hoodies or just one? What about my jeans? Should I take them all? How about my yoga pants. Oh my God, I couldn’t live without my yoga pants, especially when my job is to take care of children. Those are my lifeblood as a nanny. So, I guess the yoga pants go. And my shirts? I have so many. How do I choose which ones go and which ones stay in a box?

Compared to some this may not be a lot of clothing… but even as I was just putting it all away tonight I kept thinking, “How am I going to do this?”

My shoes, I’ve got it covered. They’re going in a box and flying FedEx. Everything else… one to two suitcases per a recommendation from The Frau. She said just to bring my clothes and my lap top.

Damn. No comforts of home? Throw me into a foreign city, a foreign country,  and a foreign culture and see if I stay afloat. It’s kind of scary, to say the least.

Any suggestions? I don’t know anyone who has gone away for so long. Help!


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