May 9, 2011

When In Rome: Easter Vacation (April 21st) Part 4

(I forgot to post this last piece! Sorry! It’s out of order now. Haha. Oh well. ENJOY!)

This past Easter I was able to visit Rome on vacation and I had an absolutely wonderful experience. I spent four days and five nights in Italy and was able to see so many unbelievable and breathtaking sights – things I never thought that I would ever be fortunate enough to see with my own eyes. I was also fortunate enough to meet a handful of really awesome travelers – people who I may never see again but will never forget! For blogging purposes, I’m going to break the adventure down into numerous installments so that I can include everything. This is the last piece of the adventure – documenting mine and Brenna’s last day in Rome, our travels, back to Munich, and my final thoughts and reflections on the whole trip.

After our long day in Naples, Brenna and I had one full day left to go out an explore Rome and we had a few things left on our list to cross out before we left. We took our time and did a lot of walking and getting lost and map reading. Neither one of us had any cash left so we were broke, irritable, and frustrated with our lack of coordination in the map department but in the end, we managed to have a pretty good day and we saw some really cool stuff. We walked straight from the Flaminio train station to Piazza Popolo and then on through Villa Borguese. After that, we managed to find the Spanish Steps and then from there we got to the most ancient basilica in the world, Saint Giovanni of Laterano (or something like that, ha). From there we walked the streets of Rome to the Terme di Caracalla, the ancient ruins of an old public bath building. Afterwards we went to a stupid crypt that was super boring and by that point is was nearly 5 pm and we were cranky and exhausted. LOL So, instead of staying in the city all night to meet some friends from Munich who were flying in, we decided to go back to our hostel for dinner and a night in since we had to catch an airport shuttle at 4 am. We ended up staying at the hostel for dinner and drinks and just never went to bed at all. Haha. We met new friends and hung out with old friends and generally made it a worthy finale to our much needed Easter vacation.

DSC09634The gate to Piazza Popolo

DSC09639Piazza Popolo

DSC09640Piazza Popolo

DSC09652Villa Borguese

DSC09656Spanish Steps


DSC09666Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano
The oldest church in the world!

DSC09674Terme di Caracalla

DSC09677Terme di Caracalla

DSC09683One last artsy picture of the Colloseum

DSC09689Brenna’s naked eating… tomatoes on bread? I forget what it’s called.

DSC09692Real Italian penne pasta!

DSC09726Me and my “hostel” buddies, Michelle and Brittany

DSC09737Happy to be home but sad to leave Rome :(

Pardon my crappy blog content for this update but I’m so far removed from this vacation now that I’m back in Munich but hey… Brenna and I had fun. It was the kind of vacation that we needed, we were desperate for a week like that. We both depleted all of our money and then some and we didn’t get to eat nearly as much Italian food as we would have liked to but it was worth every minute, regardless. No regrets! And I can officially say I’ve been to Italy, a country I’ve been lusting after since I was a teenager. Vacation accomplished!


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