May 28, 2011

30 Days of Germany: Day 7 & 8 (May 27-28): Sealife and Olympiapark


After eleven months of being in Munich, I finally went to Sealife, the local aquarium at Olympiapark. Honestly, it has never been very high up on my list of ‘must-see’ attractions here in Munich but I'm glad that I got to go anyway. I’ve been pretty spoiled in my life when it comes to aquariums because I lived in Monterey, California for five years which is home to one of the world’s largest aquariums – the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (How many times can you use the word aquarium in one sentence?!)

I took one of my six-year-old charges to Sealife after a day of indecision. When you have two twins that can’t make up their mind or agree on what they want to do and throw ridiculous tantrums whenever they don’t get what they want, you have to compromise, right? Discipline, no way! Just split them up and send the au pair off with the one that wants to go the aquarium. At least we got to do the fun part. Eenie and I went to see the fish and Vee went with her mom to play at a friend’s house. We came back from the aquarium and ate mini-pizzas and watched Nanny McPhee. Then my friend Anne came over and practiced for her new face painting gig. We were willing volunteers. We had fun, it was a good Friday. But let’s just say – Sealife does not compare to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This one was wimpy. But it did have sharks and a sea turtle! Win!


May 28

For the second part of this – it’s hard to do this everyday, you’d be surprised, even for me (ha!) – I’m just going to keep it simple and related to SeaLife. Olympiapark, bitches. It’s awesome. It’s one of my favorite places here in Munich. Basically, it translate into exactly what it is in German. The park for the Olympics. Haha. It was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics which were held in Munich that year. There’s a lot going on at here – not just Olympiapark (which also has a beautiful lake and Olympiaberg!) but the Olympic Stadium, an ice rink, tennis facilities, swimming pools, the Olympic Tower (aka Olympiaturm). There’s a party going on over here! I’ve been to Olympiapark a lot and still go back quite often. I’ve been up to the top of the Olympia Tower twice – there are stunning views of the city from way up there. I’ve been into the stadium once, for a World Cup soccer game that we watched with thousands of other people on a massive big screen TV. I’ve heard U2 play a concert there from my bedroom, the window open and their sound drifting effortlessly across the city to my neighborhood. I’ve enjoyed Tollwood at Olympiapark – an incredible summer music festival. I’ve hiked up Olympiaberg a few times to get pictures and watch the sunset and even to watch my friends learn how to play American football on a blessedly warm and sunny day in November. My favorite thing that I ever did at Olympiapark was Sommerfest last August. Jess and I went there one day by ourselves and just wandered through the midway and had “country fair” food by the lake. Then we returned with our friends a few nights later to enjoy an open air concert and a hot summer night at the aptly named, summer festival. Overall, Olympiapark is beautiful and it’s definitely going to be one of those things about Munich that I’ll miss. But that list could fill a thousand pages at this point. Sigh!


sunset1Sunset off of Olympiaberg

footballolympiaFootball lessons at Olympiapark

45392_524639641630_83900390_31055519_6680561_nSommerfest by night

tollwoodTollwood Summer Festival


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