May 24, 2011

30 Days of Germany: Day 4 (May 24th)–Four Seasons

This week I’ve been spending a lot of time outside in the yard with the girls because the weather has been gorgeous. Warm, even hot spring days, blue skies, long hazy nights. Of course, there is springtime in California but it’s not so dramatic since the seasons don’t really change where I live. They just kind of… blend together. And spring is beautiful anywhere, really, but I am definitely going to miss these spring days that I spent in Munich. And just a few months ago… it was winter. Cold, unapologetic winter. And before that – fall. (Oh God, now I sound like Rebecca Black! *facepalm*) Fall here in Munich was breathtaking – I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with a city as I was with Munich during the fall. And, as usual, before fall was summer – crisp, balanced temperatures in August, hot, muggy days in July, endless amounts of rain in June. It transitioned into fall like clockwork and so on and so forth. You walked outside and just knew that the next season was upon you. It’s not like that in California. We have foggy season, rainy season, and sunshine season. Not necessarily in that order. I will miss the four seasons of Germany, especially at the end of summer and winter, when I’m longing for the colors of fall and the renewal of spring. I love that I was able to spend the whole year here, experiencing each season for myself and documenting it as I went.

35538_522432659440_83900390_30976011_2152574_nJune 2010 – Rain!

40625_524395880130_83900390_31047082_2711440_nMid-summer 2010: Sunshine!

36077_526591974140_83900390_31109556_7704201_nFall 2010

66022_527174631490_83900390_31120814_632586_nFall 2010

149172_529018606150_83900390_31157648_3495942_nWinter 2010 – I swear I did not use black and white settings for this shot. Haha.

72065_530238805860_83900390_31181704_3245172_nWinter 2010

217664_539595135700_83900390_31278773_5832285_nSpring 2011

DSC00312Spring 2011


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