May 17, 2011

52 Things Challenge: #17 and #18 (and Honorable Mentions: #11, #19, #28, #30, #36, and #39)

I’ve failed at finishing this “52 Things in Munich” bucket list recently and so I need to catch up! I even completed a few of them months ago and never posted the evidence. So… this is my attempt at keeping up with myself!

# 17: Wash your wallet in the Fish Fountain at Marienplatz.

This is, technically, a tradition for Ash Wednesday following Fasching – you are supposed to wash your wallet in the fountain for good fortune. However, Fio and I did it in February (not March) when it was freezing cold and still snowing outside.


#18: Have espresso at Café Tambosi.

Café Tambosi is one of my favorite little café’s in Munich – not because I eat there (I never have!) – but because of it’s location. It’s located in Odeonsplatz and is nestled between the main square and the Hofgarten which neighbors Munich’s historical Residenz. On the street side, Tambosi has great out door seating, which faces Odeonsplatz and the Theatinerkirche across the plaza.


The back side of Café Tambosi, however, is my favorite part of this quaint little café. In the spring and summer, the outdoor seating of Tambosi is located under a canopy of trees and shade and is neighbored by gorgeous fountains and the beautiful Hofgarten to the right. Apparently, Café Tambosi is famous for it’s delicious espresso and since it was on the list, Fio and I decided to try it. I don’t really like espresso (or coffee for that matter) so I wasn’t that impressed but it was nice to finally sit inside and see what the hype was about. Hopefully I can try the food and other drinks before I leave!

DSCN4450Fio and her espresso

DSCN4451Nevermind my stupid hair or my unimpressed expression. lol

Now for some Honorable Mentions….

#11: Wash your own Maßkrug. Which is German for “a really big stein.” You know… the liters of beer that I’m so used to drinking now. Well, sometimes, you have to wash them yourself. I did this when I went to the Hirschgarten biergarten with my American friends Lauren and Mikell for a 4th of July picnic. You don’t have to do it everywhere but it was kind of cool to be responsible for yourself. I liked it! Also, Helen stole for me a Maßkrug once before and I wash it in the dish washer all the time. So, technically, I was my own Maßkrug quite often!

#19: Stroll through the Viktualienmarkt early in the morning. I’ve done this twice, I think. Last summer, on two different occaisions, I stayed over at my friends apartment because he lived close to the city center and I often missed my train late at night. He was always generous enough to offer me a place to sleep until the trains started running again. Often, in these cases, I would get up and leave early in the morning to catch the morning train and in order to get to the train station, I had to stroll through Viktualienmarkt and at least once, I did this at 5 o’clock in the morning. It was beautiful and so serene. All of the vendors were just opening up their standls and the city was still quiet and absent of crowds.


#28: Tell someone off for standing on the wrong side on the escalator. I haven’t really done this – at least not to a stranger. But whenever someone comes to visit me who is new to Munich, you better believe that I give them a hard time about it. Haha. The left side is for passing only.

#30: Get a headache and blame the “Föhn.I’m doing this right now actually. I’ve had a head ache for the last two days and since I can’t think of any other explanation (allergies? sinuses? stress? lack of sleep?), I’m just going to blame it on the Föhn.

When a Munich local gets a headache, it’s more often than not the Föhn that takes the blame. This is a hot wind blows up over the Alps from Italy and known for producing clear skies and cranky moods.

 #36: Dance at the Kockerlball. I didn’t do this… but Jessica did! And since she is the one who first gave me this list and suggested I knock it out, I figured it was only right that I mention her here. She went with our friend Elli, really early in the morning (it’s tradition for it to start as early as 5 am!) and enjoyed good beer and good German culture at the Kockerlball at the Chinese Tower this past summer.

38230_1423689065336_1026000062_31053708_5563700_nElli and Jess with a traditional Bavarian man at Kockerlball

38230_1423689105337_1026000062_31053709_5863193_nThanks, Jess for letting me steal your pictures (unknowingly, too! Ha!)

#39: Count the steps of the “Alte Peter.” I haven’t officially counted the amount of steps that take you to the top of Alte Peter in Marienplatz but I’ve climbed them three times now. There are over 300 steps. So, techinically, I’ve “counted/climbed” more than 900 steps throughout all of my journeys to the top of the kirche. AND I’ve climbed to the top of the Dom in Cologne which is 500 something steps. Winning!

167089_530805619960_83900390_31196465_6320769_nMy favorite view from the top of Alte Peter

34531_523082941270_83900390_31001141_5652178_nIt’s always nice to be up there on a beautiful, clear day!


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