May 11, 2011

The 50 Most Important Landmarks of the World

I was Stumbling around this morning and came across this link – 50 of the world’s most important and well known landmarks. I was kind of disappointed in how many of them I haven’t actually heard of but was also surprised to find that I’ve been to a few of them! Not many… but I hadn’t seen any of them this time last year! Check out the link and comment, how many of these have you been to?

The 50 Most Important Landmarks of the World

I’ve been to…

bigbenBig Ben, London
January 2011

ludwigcastleNeuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria
August 2010

stpetersSt. Peter’s Basilica, Rome
April 2011

treviTrevi Fountain, Rome
April 2011

I’d love to travel to all of these landmarks someday, of course, but if I could pick five places to visit to see five of these landmarks, I’d choose:

tajmahalThe Taj Mahal, India

lochnessLochness, Scotland

brandenberggateBrandenburg Gate, Berlin

mountmichaelsMont St Michel, France

sagradafamiliaSagrada Familia, Barcelona


hayley j said...

i love lists like this :)
i've been to: the eiffel tower, big ben, tower of pisa, brandenburg gate, and neptune at versailles (dead cam that!)my top 5 on this list would have to be...auschwitz, mt. everest, al aqsa, the acropolis, and machu picchu...but also the sphynx. ah! too many to chose from.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the Grand Canyon, and I'm going again this summer! This just inspires me MORE in wanting to see the world. It's really all I want from life. Traveling is such a dream! I've seen the Statue of Liberty from a boat in the water next to it, but I've never been in the statue herself. I might actually be able to see Mt Rushmore this summer also. We'll see.

I don't know what my top 5 would be....
The Great Wall of China, Mt Fuji, Easter Island, The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo (Kamakura is my favorite period of Japanese history!) and the Acropolis of Athens. I think.... it's hard to choose! Let's just go to them all!

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