December 25, 2010

A Little Christmas Gift From Me To You

Christmas morning has arrived and here I sit in Germany, alone and somewhat blue about it. I did have a worthy Christmas Eve celebration with some good friends. I tried a new recipe – salmon fillets baked in brown sugar and lemon – and it was delicious. I really hit it out of the park with that one and I’m pretty certain that next summer, my mom and her boyfriend are definitely going to reap the benefits of my newfound love for kitchen domesticity. I also made mashed potatoes, sautéed some zucchini (always good!), and Candice, bless her heart, brought corn and Pillsbury biscuits.  My friend Moxin (aka JOKER!) brought this Chinese dessert, I don’t even know what it’s called, but it looked like little rabbits and tasted like amazingness. Not a very good description but believe me, it was good! The night was a success, my friends, especially because I managed to drink an entire bottle of Riesling all by myself. Also, about three inches of snow dumped over Munich yesterday so dreams of a white Christmas definitely came true.

DSCN3053Delicious salmon!

DSCN3059We did good!

DSCN3061Candice and I about to enjoy our delicious Crimbo (thanks, Risha!) meal


Now, without any real plans for the day, I hope to do laundry, eat left overs, go see Little Fockers by myself, and then have a phone/Skype date with my family members. It’s definitely not how I expected to spend Christmas this year but I’ll take it. I’m in Germany, after all! So, Merry Christmas to you! And now, I have a present for you. Please enjoy!

Merry Christmas, friends and loved ones!


Eric said...


Merry Christmas!

McGriddle Pants said...

Hope you had a great holiday!!

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