December 23, 2010

I’m a Guest Blogger!

It’s official – I’ve written for someone else’s blog! That’s when you know you’ve made it as a blogger, isn’t it? When someone else wants you on their blog you must be pretty cool and popular, right? Ha. I’m really happy to be hosted on this particular blog because, as a super cool and nerdy lover of books, this blog is right up my alley. It’s called Fantasy Casting and it is a blog solely dedicated to the casting of books that have never been made into movies. I love, love, love the idea and I’m so glad that Gina came up with it and did something about it because it’s super addicting if you’re really into books and imagining the cast. Anyway… end super nerdy book worm paragraph here!

Check out Fantasy Casting and my cast of Judy Blume’s, Summer Sisters, one of the greatest chick lit books of all time (in my opinion, anyway). They’ll be two more parts to this cast so I’ll pop up a few more times and if I’m lucky, Gina will let me come back for other projects every once in a while. Until then, enjoy my present guest appearance!



Alena said...

Awesomeness!! Congrats, Heather, you're on the rise (like I always knew you would be, way back when we were kids reading your fiction in Grama's playroom)! Great post - I just read it and shared with all my friends ;)

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