December 20, 2010

Leaving Things, London Dreams, the Christmas Blues, and Melting Snow

I’d like to say that there hasn’t been much going on here in Munich but that would be a lie. I just feel bad that I’ve haven’t been keeping track and for blogging purposes that kind of sucks. So, I’m going to try to do my best to remember.

Mostly, time has just been filled with goodbyes and farewells as my two favorite Americans in Munich have gone away from here. Jessica returned to the US on Wednesday and I made sure to get her to the S-Bahn that morning. I helped her pull her suitcases through the snow (and then broke it, oops) and then sat with her in the freezing cold morning, waiting for the train. With the simple open and close of a door, she was gone but I hope to see her in Munich again this coming spring. Lauren finished her au pair contract this week (lucky!) and then jetted up north to Ulm to stay with her ever so lovely significant other, the handsome Sebastian, and so even though she’s not really gone, she kind of is. Which is sad but we sent her off in style. We got her drunk at karaoke and then on Friday, I professed my undying love to her over a myriad of drinks and all was well. She was truly my knight in shining armor that night and I will miss her from afar. At least until we reunite in Los Angeles this summer.

Now, it seems, that I am the only American left in my little group of friends and there’s every chance that I may now become one hundred percent British without my fellow Americans here to intervene. I’ve started saying things like “I can’t be bothered” and every once in a while, my sentences come out sounding posh and slightly reminiscent of a Harry Potter character, usually Hermione. Not that I mind, I would love to be British! But it’s all in good time because…



If you know me at all, you will know that this has been a dream of mine since I was 15 years old and fell in love with the country. I think my English pen pal or maybe my obsession with Harry Potter might have instilled this hope inside of me but ever since, I’ve been dreaming of England. The summer that I worked at Camp Cayuga, the farewell dinner closed with staff-made awards and I was bestowed with the honor of the “Meant to be English” award. Therefore, I look forward to this trip seeing as I’ve never happier to go anywhere. Sure, I don’t have any money (not a significant travel amount, anyway) and my flight may or may not be delayed and/or canceled but I am stoked anyway. England, here I come! I’m staying with my friend Fionnuala and she’s going to show me the best of London. I’ve requested 90% free, 10% cheap. Hopefully this plan works out well!

In three days my host-family leaves for Austria and then I am to spend a lonely Christmas here in Munich. There are a few near and dear ones staying in the city but there aren’t many of us. I’m going to have a dinner at the house on the 24th but, so far, it’s not looking very promising. Just one or two, maybe even three of us, eating who knows what and getting drunk off of gluhwein. Does that sound like a party or what? I’m actually a bit excited to do a whole lot of nothing. I’m a pretty lazy person and it will be really nice to have absolutely nothing on my agenda for a week. A whole lot of sleeping in, reading, blogging, movie watching, city exploring (it never gets old!), photographing, and, oh yeah, did I mention sleeping in?

The snow that has been blanketing Munich for the last few weeks has finally started to melt away today. The weather must have changed, the temperatures warmed or something, because it all started disappearing last night. Now that it’s been raining, the snow has turned into slush and ice, and is slowly dissipating from the city. I was hoping for a white Christmas but maybe not this year. I was also hoping for family too but that won’t be happening. What a weird Christmas. Hopefully I survive!

Oh… and did I mention? I’ve been here six months now. It’s halfway over…


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