December 29, 2010

Cheers to Two Thousand Eleven

My plans for the new year are not resolutions because I’m really bad at sticking to those. And they’re usually something stupid like “lose thirty pounds by June” or “blog less often.” So, instead these are just… plans. Nothing more, nothing less, and, as always, very flexible given any unforeseen circumstances that may come up in between.

1. Travel a lot more while I’m still in Europe. Starting with London for NYE! On my list of places to see: Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Paris (Valentine’s Day, maybe?!), Ireland, Scotland, Venice,  and Amsterdam. Nine places, six months. I wonder if I can do it!


2. Take a language course this spring. I haven’t done this yet and I really want to get a better handle on the German language. I don’t care if I’m never going to use German again in my real life, I want to do this for myself. I want to know things and be cultured!

2. Find a job in San Luis Obispo (because I’m living rent free with my mom. Thanks, mom!) that pays at least $12 an hour, has something to do with kids, and which gives me health benefits and full time hours, no weekends.

3. Continue budgeting for and paying off my major credit card and my dental bill. Only $2,300 to go on one and $1,400 on another!

4. Set aside a separate savings account for: student loan repayment (starting December 2011) and a down payment on an apartment in Monterey (or wherever life takes me). 

5. Save even more money so that I can go to Vegas for my 25th birthday. November 19-22 and then back home for Thanksgiving by that Thursday. I will do this one, I swear.


6. Budget for payments and insurance on the car that I will hopefully still have when I come home.

7. Spend a lot more time doing things with my mom that won’t make us crazy! Volunteer together at the SPCA, playing with, feeding, and cleaning up after the kitties. (It’s a surefire way to end up taking home a new baby kitty but hey… that wouldn’t be the WORST thing.) Go to the gym once or a twice a week with my mama, go on walks at the beach. Take her out to lunch once a week, really take advantage of mother-daughter dates. I’ve missed her a lot since coming here!


8. Keep up connections with all of my friends. Now that we’re all graduated and have moved on with our lives, we’re all in so many different places. Will work hard on keeping up with everyone and visiting friends as much as I can! This includes making time for Miss Lauren Plumb down in Los Angeles, my Munich au pair confidant!

9. Look into grad school programs and figure out if and when I want to move forward with the next phase of my education (and what I want to study). San Jose State is my first choice as it’s closest to the area where I want to end up. And this includes keeping my mind sharp for more school! Hit the books again!

10. Last but not least, take care of myself! With everything listed above I’ll be taking care of my life and all of my grown-up-responsibilities but on top of that, I want to do things for myself. This experience in Germany has taught me so much about taking every opportunity and about doing things for yourself that make you feel fulfilled. I want to do more of that before I get too old to appreciate it. Whether it be through learning how to cook through books or even classes  (I love cooking!), getting a gym membership and taking yoga or pilates classes, joining a local softball league, seriously detoxing on alcohol and partying for the sake of my health (and my budget!), spending more quality time with family and friends, traveling more often, and, if I really had my hearts desire, I’d love to start work on my first novel. I just want to take steps in the right direction towards a healthy, happy, hopeful Heather and without college in the way, I have more time to focus on bettering my present life and building for the future. That’s more important to me than anything else!

Oh, and just in time for the new year, I’d like to welcome to my California family, my mom’s new baby love, Ruby Tuesday. She’s so cute! There will be a lot of cuddling, puppy kisses, and long walks for this little lady once I’m home! Enjoy your new baby, ma!

RTRuby Tuesday, who could ever hang a name on you?


Anonymous said...

I loved this.

Plans > Resolutions

I like the mother-daughter thing... BUT you forgot hanging out with your numah one gay boyfriend ;) JK

I love you! Have fun ending 2010!

atxgirl said...

I was randomly googling vegas images and the one you added to your blog came up and I read you wanted togo for your 25th birthday, thats what I am doing on Tuesday! Did you make it?!

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