December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!


Christmas Lights 2007004_edited

My favorite Christmas tradition and one of the best memories that I have comes from the days when my best friend Sarah and I would go all over our little western Montana town and look at Christmas lights until we couldn’t feel our fingers or our toes. I miss sitting in her living room, watching the Christmas tree fall over. I miss helping her sneak peaks at all of her presents and then helping her tape them back together. I miss the Christmases spent at my grandmas house with my family – cousins, aunts, and uncles, so much food you couldn’t even imagine eating all of it, games around grandma’s dining room table, a circle of family with presents piled high and we took turns opening them, warmed by the love of family. I miss waking my mom up at 5 am on Christmas morning because my brother and I couldn’t wait any longer. I miss Chinese food and movie theaters on Christmas night because we had dinner the night before and nothing else was open. I miss the smell of turkey at 10 in the morning. I miss my step-dads home made French éclairs. I miss Christmas in the dorm rooms – Secret Santa’s and miniature Christmas trees, blasting Christmas music, paper snowflakes hanging in the hallway, and peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks. I miss my step-mom’s sugar cookies and her sticky buns on Christmas morning. I miss wrapping paper all over the floor, cats climbing the Christmas tree. This year I just miss Christmas at home, Christmas with my family and the ones that I love. I will be thinking of you while I’m far away from home and missing you every second. Merry Christmas to you… yes, especially you… and enjoy your family this holiday!


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