November 12, 2010

Unnecessary Stress, Cold and Crappy Weather, Hogwarts & Harry Potter, and More Zombies

It has been a rough week around here for me. Not only was I sick for three days but I got caught sharing music illegally and my host-family is currently dealing with unnecessary legal stress and a possible 850 EUR fine at my expense. Fortunately, my host-dad is a lawyer and he knows a little bit about what to do but still, he shouldn’t have to deal with it at all. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson and I am seriously stressed out about it. I should have known better or I should have least researched Germany’s super strict laws about illegal file sharing. I didn’t share it on purpose – it was kind of like my computer orchestrated the whole thing and did it without me knowing but hey, that’s a risk I take when I choose to make stupid decisions like that. Hopefully no other letters show up and this just gets taken care of or goes away.

Because of my cold and the crappy weather, I’ve been in the house ALL WEEK and I am in dire need of a night out. I’m planning on seeing Helen again tonight, it’s been so long since I saw her, because no one knows how to vent about the au pair life like me and Helen. It’ll be nice to just get a little crazy for the first time all week especially since I have to hunker down and babysit again tomorrow night. And miss Eric’s birthday celebration. Sad face. Sunday is the day of my mysterious surprise which a little bird told me to keep free. I’m hope, hope, hoping that it’s a ticket to see Angus & Julia Stone because that would rock my world. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what this is all about and finding out who sent me my mysterious Hogwart’s acceptance letter. Oh, I mean… Hogwart’s sent it to me.

DSCN8903I hope I get into Gryffindor!

And speaking of Harry Potter, I’m incredibly excited about the movie on Wednesday. It releases here in Germany on the 17th and Eric, Catherine, Laura, and I already have our tickets and are stoked to be seeing it so soon!


I have a feeling I’m going to be incredibly antsy just waiting for Wednesday to arrive and then incredibly depressed (but fulfilled) when it leaves. Fortunately, the following weekend is my birthday so the depression will not last.

Helen’s birthday is on Friday so that will be the beginning of the crazy weekend and then Saturday we’re celebrating mine. I fully intend on getting one of these with my friends:

P3200049( No, these aren’t my friends, I took this off of Google…)

It’s Peaches 5 liters of pure wonder and it’s called a Zombie. And we all know how much I love zombies. So I can’t wait for that. After Peaches, we’ll wander somewhere else and hopefully still be in a functional celebratory state. So, happy early birthday to me!

P.S. And homesickness (yes, you….), I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t leave me alone!


Jes said...

Oh gosh getting caught file sharing is like my worst nightmare! Hopefully your host family understood what happened!

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