November 3, 2010

Go Shorty, It’s (Almost) Your Birthday!

Yep. Only 18 days until my b-day! This is my official ‘wants-requests-secret-wishes’  birthday list. It’s a hell of a lot easier than emailing fourteen different people and it’s a little less self-involved than a Facebook status update. (Ha!) And fortunately for you (maybe not me), it doesn’t include much. Only one extravagant thing, so far. I figure it’s always safe to ask for at least one fancy thing!

1271300776_87939138_1-Pictures-of--SONY-CYBERSHOT-W350-WITH-4GIG-MEMORY-CASE-SCREEN-PROTECTOR-1271300776Sony Cybershot DSC-W350

It’s basically an upgrade from the camera that I have right now but said camera is old and dingy and the zoom doesn’t work and occasionally the buttons don’t function and the camera generally falls apart and says, “NO!” for about two days before it decides to function properly again. Camera shoots for about $130-$160 US dollars so it’s definitely losing value from the last time I bought a point and shoot but it’s a good quality camera despite. I have my big beautiful Nikon, of course, but my little camera is good for outings with my friends and trips and nights out where I really can’t be asked to lug around the beast. I would definitely appreciate and lovingly care for this camera!

everwood3Everwood Season 3

This is, hands down, my favorite TV show in the whole world. I watched it for pretty much all of my late adolescence and it came with me to college and I absolutely adore it. I have season 1 and 2 and brought them both to Germany. I’ve finished them and now I’m ready for season 3. Eventually, I’ll need season 4 too but I think I’ll be back in California by the time that one releases.

angusnjuliaTickets to see my favorite band play live in Munich

I am in love with this band. Ask anyone who is close to me and they will tell you it’s true. I can’t stop listening to them, I am obsessed. Their music is amazing and to see them live would mean that my life would, without a doubt, be complete. They are playing in Munich on November 14th and tickets are, surprisingly, still available. I, however, under great duress, have decided to make a personal sacrifice for the sake of my dwindling au pair income and will not be buying myself a ticket to see their show. I will survive, this is true, but, at the same time, I would love to see them in concert. Sooner rather than later. This would be a gift that would mean ALOT to me, no doubt. And even better, would be a little company! Come with me!

iphone-earbudsiPod earphones

Sometime this summer, I managed to lose my wonderful, beautiful, remote controlled iPod headphones and I was miserable without them. I’ve been trying to replace them ever since but nothing can compare. They’re rather pricey (which is why I can’t afford them!) but I promise I’ll take better care of them this time! gift card

Any gift cards are great, to be honest – kind of silly because of shipping costs – but great nonetheless, especially when and where online downloads are available. iTunes gift cards are also wonderful!

And that, right now, is all that I can come up with. Other than the obvious requests like money to pay off my credit cards and other practical, un-fun birthday things like clothes and shoes.


Mikellcs said...

have you done you have to open it in google chrome so that it will translate for you, and they don't have everything, but some good stuff, and cheap shipping, which is nice.

Lauren said...

I LOVE EVERWOOD! my mom and I use to watch that and if I remember correctly 7th heaven was either right before or right after it... annnnd then I saw Gregory Smith at a movie theater in Hollywood and almost died, in the best way :) sooo dont be surprised if I ask to borrow your DVDs soon!

Anonymous said...

Everwood is soooo awesome.

If you put hannah, that nerdy girl from everwood and mandy moore's character from a walk to remember and make them have kids. Their daughter would be the most perfect creation of all human girls ever.

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