November 9, 2010

Spirits, Anyone?

Thanks to Google Analytics, it’s come to my attention that someone found my blog by using the following keyword:

“My au pair is an alocholic.”

You might not think it’s funny but I laughed. As Blink 182 once sang, “No one should take themselves so seriously.” I sure don’t. Fio had friends in town this past weekend and so we took them to the Hofbrauhaus and we had our fair share of delicious German beer and good spirits. And then I almost passed out, slightly drunk and seriously exhausted, in my plate of lasagna. Don’t worry, I went to bed after that. And it only gets better from here. It’s my birthday next weekend. Party on, rockstars! I suggest you celebrate accordingly.


Melissa said...

Haha YES. I'm glad you see this as a personal triumph, I know I would if I were you :P

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