November 30, 2010

Dankeschön, You Lovely Germans. DANKESCHÖN.

Well, now I really want to stay here in Germany.

The mail man needed me to sign for a package but when I asked him if he spoke English, he scowled at me and asked, “You live here? In Germany?” I responded yes and he says, “And you don’t speak German? That’s terrible.”

Stupid jerk. But I guess it’s just the same for all of the stupid Americans who argue against the immigrants living in the United States and not being able to speak or understand anything other than Spanish. You don’t see me going up to the ESL children that I worked with in California classrooms saying, “You live in America and you don’t speak English? You’re a disgrace. That’s horrible.”

I’m not living here forever and our charming mail man has given me a reason to be happy to leave.

Thank you, VERY MUCH.


Free Spirit said...

What a Friggin JERK!!! I would be mad too!! You are slowly learning...ugh that's so annoying!

Jennie said...

Don't even worry about him. He's just embittered that his language isn't a global language.

Pia said...

I'm sorry to hear about that stupid mailman! What a jerk!
But not all Germans are like him. I can be nice...sometimes haha

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