October 14, 2010

What’s a Girl to Do?

Everyone here knows that I am living the life here in Munich; watching movies all the time, catching up on my favorite TV shows, writing fiction and five hundred blogs (or so it seems!), and wandering around a cool German city. My favorite thing is the music… I’ve never listened to music so much as I have since since I arrived in Munich. Therefore, I’ve created a Tumblr (kind of like a blog and a Twitter all mixed into one) that is all about my thoughts/cravings/insights into my music experiences. It’s more of just a hobby for me, something to do, and somewhere to channel all of my music appreciation so if you’re willing check it out (picture is linked). :)



Clare said...

bats for lashes...? I miss you so much. please write more, it helps me to live in munich with you guys vicariously xxx

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