October 2, 2010

Crayola Imports, Au Pair Overnight, Autumn, and New Friends

My darling dearest Lauren recently went on a 4-day vacation to California for a friends wedding and she brought back some Crayola crayons for me. Well, they’re not for me – they’re for die kinder but damn, they smell so good. I love crayons. Before I gave them to the girls, they were just sitting on my desk taunting me. If I’d had a coloring book  I don’t think I would have been able to resist. 128 glorious crayons in such beautiful colors. Germany, you really need to catch on to this American crayon phenomenon. Your native children will be so happy with you! Fortunately, I spent the rest of the day coloring with die kinder in the Disney coloring books I’d sent them back in March. “Hezzah, can you help me?” Which actually means, I color an entire picture by myself and the child in question colors the one next to it. As of right now, it’s been one day since I gave them the crayons and they’ve already broken three or four of them and pretty much all of them are dull. Which means that I gave them a great gift. :)

As of this very moment, I am two hours into my 30-hour babysitting gig. An overnight with the girls while Mr. and Mrs. Frau are in Frankfurt. The girls are watching Robin Hood right now (I love early morning movies!) and afterwards we’re going to have lunch. Probably go on a bike ride later and then make muffins, carve a pumpkin, maybe watch another movie, eat dinner, color with our new crayons, go to bed, wake up, go to the aquarium, go on a bike ride. I’m exhausted from just writing it down. Damn. If I ever blog again, you’ll know I’ve survived.


Okay, so this isn’t my picture. I got it from Google images via a really cool website. But it’s a photograph of Munich in the fall and it perfectly captures how beautiful this city is right now. (I really need to find this bridge, by the way.) It’s October now (oh my God…) and fall is thriving. The leaves fall from the trees as you walk beneath them, the air is crisp and you can smell the changing season. It’s time to take out warm coats and gloves. I love fall and especially right now because I haven’t experienced the season since I  was fifteen and living in western Montana. My favorite part about it so far is riding my bike in the evening, wearing my newly purchased fleece coat and gloves, with leaves falling all around me, and the sun slowly leaving the sky. It’s incredible. I love it. Last night I came home from a friends house who lives nearby and I was riding home at midnight and I almost kept riding past my house because I didn’t want to go inside. Even if it was pretty cold and dark and late. I just wanted to hold onto the feeling of fall. Good thing it’s not going anywhere for at least another month!

Last but not least, I’m giving a blog shout out to my new friend, Brittany. Mostly because she’s new to Munich and the au pair experience and I want her to feel welcomed and loved. She’s come from Alabama and works for a family that is close to mine. Her little girl is best friends with mine so we’ll stay close throughout our collective experience here in Munich and I’m okay with that. She’s such a sweet girl and I’m enjoying her friendship. She’ll probably pop up in this blog from time to time so keep up! Last night the two of us went to Pizza Hut for delicious dinner (it’s so much better here!) and then Eric met up with us and we watched Kill Bill at Brittany’s house. Quite the successful (and cheap!) Friday night. Sometimes a lazy, low key weekend is just what you need. Except when you have to entertain six year olds the whole time…

Which reminds me, I have lunch to make and children to entertain. Ciao!


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