October 21, 2010

The Blog is Back in Business

You might have noticed that my blog went private a few days ago. I got a lot of messages from very important people asking for me to put their email addresses on the reading list but, truth be told, I wasn’t writing anything new. A reading list was quite unnecessary. I’ve spent the last week or so (maybe not that long…) going through my blog and editing. Why? Well, it was brought to my attention last Friday by a wonderful and trusted source (thank you!) that this blog was turning into something a bit more than I’d originally intended it to be. I was using it as a vessel for venting my frustrations and wasn’t really thinking about the content that I was publishing… publicly… for the whole world to see. Including people who could use it against me – like current and future employers. I took a step back, thought about how important my experience is here and how important it is for me to be a professional, working adult – even if I’m still a world away from having a grown-up, real world job. Someday I will and I won’t want this blog to be used against me now or in any future employment situation. Therefore, I’ve been doing some editing and have taken out a lot of content that could be used against me – complaints, frustrations, harmful words and biases, and pictures – things that shouldn’t necessarily be published on such a public space.

And since I’ve been missing for the last week or so, here’s a recap of what’s happened:

On Friday night Lauren, Brittany, Eric, and Paul and I went clubbing until 4 am. I don’t care what anyone says. Sometimes that’s just what you need.

72580_1617839575794_1530510596_1546693_4919334_nLauren and me, before our long, long night!

DSC04215Only the Germans combine life size garden gnomes and drinking traditions
that require nose adornment and shooting with your teeth.

On Saturday it was Fio’s birthday so we celebrated. (After I stayed at the house all day waiting for the movers to bring my new bed and other various furniture pieces.) The lovely Irish ginger turned 21 and we wandered around aimlessly for a while before we ended up at Sugar where we had reserved a table which came with a vodka and Red Bull package. We danced for most of the night and then Brittany and I tried to make the trains but missed them by five minutes. We tried to catch a cab but failed and ended up walking home in the cold, rainy weather at 2:30 in the morning. FAIL.

69074_1617853336138_1530510596_1546744_7281737_nFio’s ‘Happy Birthday’ champagne in the UBahn station. Woo!

66689_1617854976179_1530510596_1546754_5920373_n  Me and Brittany, enjoying Fio’s club party!

On Sunday, I spent most of the actual day inside. I had lunch with my host-family – homemade schnitzel and some pasta of some sort with mushroom sauce – and then the Frau helped me with my plane ticket to England. It’s all booked up! December 29th I fly out to London for a week! Yah! In the evening I met up with Eric, Brittany, and Jessica and we went to Fio and Laura’s house for Fio’s birthday. We started watching their room mates handball game. Very weird sport. It’s like basketball and soccer all in one. We ordered pizza, I found Dr. Pepper at the gas station, and we had cake and the kickin’est garlic bread you’d ever eat. Yowch. Made it home by midnight, crashed in bed.

During the week sometime I went out with Brittany and we went to the Munich Readery. I got Stephanie Klein’s memoir, Straight Up and Dirty, which I’ve been wanting to read FOREVER. And also got The Nanny Diaries. Which I’ve already read but love, nonetheless. Also got some new headphones (AGAIN!). I’ve been through like four pairs here – they keep breaking or they go missing. Annoying. I’d love some iPod headphones for my birthday, yo. The kind with the remote control. Yum! Also got another plug adapter. I spent one evening raking leaves in the cold and the wind. THAT was fun. Fortunately, Eeine helped me there at the end and it went much faster. Had sweet potato soup for dinner one evening – so good! Went out with Helen for Pizza Hut and beer. I hadn’t seen her in a while so it was nice to spend time with her again and have someone to vent to who understands exactly where I am. Today I spent the morning with Brittany and we watched The Lion King and ate hot dogs and French fries and were generally just lazy.

Now, the weekend is ahead! And I am all caught up and back to blogging. Enjoy! :)


Lauren said...

seriously I think this is my first appearance in your blog... FINALLY! <3

Chris said...

Glad to see you're back in business! I look forward to reading many posts to come!

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