October 25, 2010

Avant-Garde Performance Art in Munich, the Auer Dult Festival, a Sunday Trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and a Happy Birthday Shout Out to Baby Paxton!

I can’t believe that it is Monday again… and that it’s almost November. Time is going by so incredibly fast. I don’t like it. Of course, I am seriously enjoying the beautiful autumn colors (not so much the temperatures or the rain) and the amateur photographer in me is incredibly pleased with her surroundings. This entry will be full of photos – I promise – but first, a word on my first European performance art experience.

Remember that date I was telling you about? Well, Mr. Date got fabulous cool points for picking such a cool and eclectic event for our date, that should be said. He had tickets for a music/dance performance at Muffathalle im Muffatwerk here in Munich. It’s an art theater, performance theater of some sort that doubles as a night club and bar. It’s actually a pretty cool little place and I was glad to be somewhere that I’d never been before. Anyway, the show started out fairly strange – the ‘dance floor’ was reminiscent of a flash mob as everyone (or almost everyone) was doing some sort of choreographed dance number. There was some guy up top with a camera helmet on who was making strange noises into a microphone and video of his face was projected onto a giant speherical screen. So weird. There was Bavarian break dancing as well and we couldn’t be too sure if they were professional dancers or just people who showed up and started dancing. I was a little confused, anyway. A woman started dancing on the bar and then broke out into German opera singing and was soon accompanied by the guy who was making all the weird noises. Eventually, a stage appeared and a real show began but it was very weird and extremely creative. Lip synching, strange dancing, and vulgar choreography (at some points). There were roller-bladers and massive white balloons were being passed through the audience. Woman dancing with giant bottles of Sangria (or something) on their head. Very crazy stuff. It ended rather abruptly, I don’t think hat anyone knew what was going on. It was pretty cool though. Something I can safely say that I enjoyed! Especially since the venue was serving FREE BEER all night. I don’t have to tell you how that made me feel. :)

On Saturday I took it easy – was pretty tired from my night out – so I went over to Brittany’s and we got Pizza Hut (again – we love it here) and then Jessica came by. The three of us eventually went out into the city and ventured to the Auer Dult folk festival in Munich – a traditional little flea market type place with standls (aka vendors), food and a miniature midway. There was so much to look at! Hundreds of vendors selling everything – ShamWow, antiques (books, postcards, dishes, mirrors trinkets, etc), clothes, toys. One row felt very much like an infomercial aisle – German people trying to sell you crazy products. It was really cool, I’m really glad that we got out to see it before it packed up on Sunday and went away. Fortunately it comes around again in April so I can go again in nicer weather.

DSCN7780Handmade soaps

DSCN7788  DSCN7790 DSCN7792 Mariahilfkirche

DSCN7793 DSCN7813  DSCN7815DSCN7819 DSCN7825 Bad nose job, Michelle Pfeiffer!

Saturday night I stayed in because I would be getting up early for a trip to Garmisch on Sunday. I ended up lying in bed reading for most of the night and fell asleep fairly early. On Sunday I met Eric, Catherine, Jessica, and Wing at Hauptbanhof at 9 am and we got ready for our 2 hour train ride to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was raining in Munich and through almost every city we passed through so it was no surprise to us when it continued raining once we arrived in GP. My family friend, Käthe, met us at the station and drove us to her house where she fed us delicious, warm chili with bread and cheese. Perfect rainy day food. Then she sent us off on our way towards the Partnachklamm. Even though it was drizzling rain, we still enjoyed ourselves. The Partnachklamm is a river gorge and it is incredibly beautiful. There are few things I’ve seen that compare to it. The entire journey was beautiful – from the road in the city to the gorge itself. Of course, now I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. (To be honest, the rain added a bit of a shiny charm to the whole experience.)

DSCN7859Road leading up to the Partnachklamm

DSCN7861DSCN7874  DSCN7886DSCN7896Eric wandering through the klamm

DSCN7904DSCN7977   DSCN7984 DSCN7986 DSCN7993

If anyone ever wants to spend a weekend in GP hiking (maybe in the spring) then please, please take me with you. Or maybe I’ll just invite you. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to go through the Partnachklamm again and hike all of the various side trails and then, next time, the mountains! I want to see the Alps again! And this time, with my camera. 

Now I’m back in Munich – enjoying the daily grind. The week holds promising things. Seeing The Social Network with friends (FINALLY!). A few nights out. Good German fun. I’m looking forward to this weekend especially. My au pair family is going away on an autumn vacation and will be gone until Tuesday. I’m going to enjoy some good mornings sleeping in and taking advantage of the kitchen. On Saturday a few of my friends (only Laura, Eric, and Brittany so far) are coming over for an all day Harry Potter movie marathon. Movies 1-6, all in one day. We’ll figure out some kind of drinking game (Every time they use their wands? Or say a certain spell? What?!) and probably get ridiculously drunk, alone in my house, together eating junk food and pizza and trying our own homemade Oreos and butterbeer recipes. This is, of course, a preparation for the new movie which releases next month but I don’t have to tell you how excited I am for that.

Of course, our HP movie fest will be followed with Halloween shenanigans. I’m going for a zombie Bavarian this year and will make use of my dirndl for the first time since Oktoberfest ended. Parties all weekend long! We’ll try to find some good ones. Anyway, until next time!

Oh, and HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY to Paxton Gabriel, my good, good friend Kristy’s new baby boy! Kristy, I am so happy for you – he is beautiful! I hope I can meet him someday soon. Happy birthday, little Paxton!


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