September 13, 2010

Tierpark Hellabrunn (Otherwise Known As “the Munich Zoo”)

Last Monday I took die kinder to the Munich zoo and we had fun. This zoo is incredible. Eric blogged about it way back when – before we were BFFs – and ever since I heard about his zoo adventure, I really wanted to go. I’d been suggesting it as a good activity for the three of us but it just never worked out. Finally on one lazy but beautiful blue sky Monday (after I’d rolled in the door at 4 am, bless my party loving heart, and was running on 3.5 hours of sleep), I was able to sell the zoo plans to the Frau. I knew I couldn’t stay in the house with the girls all day. I needed to get out and be doing something to keep from crashing. So, the three of us headed out with money the Frau gave us and we took the UBahn to the tierpark and walked across the massive bridge over the Isar with the other thousand people who were on their way to the zoo.

It was only 14 EUR for 1 adult and up to 8 kids so for the three of us, we got in at a pretty good price! We got a map and started off towards the left, at the suggestion of the Frau. The zoo is divided into 15 sections – mostly just by continent. They have the animals from Europe, America, Asia, and Afrika and then they have other things like “Orangutan Paradise” (seriously, this zoo has about 80 different kinds of monkeys – exaggeration but there’s a lot!), and the aquarium. They have this crazy exhibit where you go into the bat cave and the bats just fly around you. It’s so creepy! I love that there were so many monkeys though because I love monkeys.

We visited everything, all of it – and spent about six hours there. Eleven am until five. We had lunch at the biergarten and the girls played in the massive, super awesome playground that they have there. I absolutely adored this zoo and I can’t wait to go back!

DSCN5464My little monkey girls

DSCN5482Baby gorilla – so adorable!

DSCN5492Gorillas – Incredibly amazing animals.
The mama monkey is just looking right at me.

DSCN5508Orangutan whose only joy in life was to play in this blanket.

DSCN5509Sleepy baby monkey.

DSCN5516This is how I felt that day, too. Haha. He was sleeping like this. I love it.

DSCN5515I like to move it, move it!

DSCN5526Lion – the other one was sleeping.

DSCN5535Baby baboon.

DSCN5537Love monkeys.


DSCN5548The polar bears were my favorite part. So damn cute.


DSCN5559The most beautiful cat in all of existence. I wish I could have a tiger as a pet.

DSCN5575Brown bear from America. I just love the way he’s sitting. Haha. 

     DSCN5573The totally sweet playground and biergarten where we ended our trip.


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