September 7, 2010

Music Monday (on Tuesday) [September 7th]

The soundtrack to my German September: Part 1

Happiness by Hurts
Thanks to the iTunes store and it’s excellent recommendation section, I’ve stumbled across a little UK band called, Hurts. They have given me some great music therapy over the last few days. I’ve been listening to them nonstop (in circulation with about five other albums by other equally as great artists). They remind me of Savage Garden but updated about 11 years. Their music is synthpop, kind of electronic, and Disco-ish. I don’t usually like this kind of music but it’s catchy – a good listen if you feel like blocking out the world and just hanging out with your iPod and your headphones.

A Book Like This by Angus & Julia Stone
I finally got my hands (ears, heart, soul) on this album thanks to a wonderful music fairy friend of mine and I am in love just as I knew I would be. I don’t have to gush to you about how much I love this band, you already know. I’m seeing them live in two months and I can’t wait.

Interpreting the Masters: A Tribute to Hall & Oates by The Bird and the Bee
I’ve been a long time fan of The Bird and the Bee (thanks, Lauren!) and was super stoked to see that they released an entire album of Hall & Oates songs. I’m a bit sad that You Make My Dreams Come wasn’t on there but hey, I’ll pick my battles. Because the other songs are awesome, especially Rich Girl and Maneater. I love listening to this album, even though the sound is much, much different than the other Bird and Bee albums.

Smoking Gun by Lady of the Sunshine
This band is Angus’ (of Angus and Julia Stone) side project but basically, the music sounds exactly the same as the music he makes with his sister. Therefore, it is equally as amazing and I am a dedicated listener. Most of the music is mellow and kind of emotional but it’s sexy and sultry, too. I like to listen to Lady of the Sunshine at night when I’m trying to fall asleep or when it’s raining outside. The plus side to this album and to Lady’s sound that makes it a bit different from Angus’ band with his sister is that it’s a bit more… rock and roll, kind of edgy. I’m impressed – I love it and will keep listening. Hopefully he’ll play some of this music at the show in November!


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