September 21, 2010

Oktoberfest: Part I

Oktoberfest has left me with this….

  • Blank spots in my memories of what happened on Sunday evening.
  • The ability to say that I’ve officially been drunk for ten hours… straight.
  • A dirndl that smells like cigarettes and men.
  • Lost keys and a 12 AM wake up call for the Frau.
  • A bike that is stuck - locked at the UBahn station down the street.
  • The almost sobering realization that my $400 camera is no longer in my bag.
  • The washing relief feeling of finding out that my camera is actually with Eric.
  • Two pairs of sunglasses. Where did this other one come from?
  • Oh yeah. Swapping sunglasses for a camera.
  • A felt hat with a lion on top and a sexy tail. And it’s missing Velcro beer stein.
  • Ridiculous videos on my camera that are mostly just yelling and swearing.
  • The blessed chance to see my beautiful, California girl friend, Kate.
  • A hangover that had me sleeping in the shower and kept me in bed until 4 PM.
  • Best friend bonding over bier and Bavarian music.

Let’s do it again! I’m going back today – once with the family and then in the evening with my friends. And then this weekend Alison and Helena will be coming to Munich from England and we’ll spend the WHOLE weekend at the fest. Party on, dudes!



Anonymous said...

I see Mario! Oh, wait, I was supposed to look for Waldo.

Jes said...

I too like that Mario showed up for the party!

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