May 27, 2010

Oh, The Places I’m Going…

Normally, after more than a week without any updates, I would tell you that I am sorry for being somewhat removed from the blogosphere. This isn’t one of those apologies. Don’t think that I didn’t miss this because I did. I actually have a lot to blog about. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it. I’ve been busy.

Last Saturday, I graduated from college. The pay-off for five years of higher education.


After graduation, I had to say move out of my apartment and say good bye to most of the friends and loved ones that I’d accumulated over those five years. Because on Monday, I left for a two-day, 10-hour-stretch-driving, fast-food-eating, road trip across the Pacific Northwest (and saw stuff like this):


The destination: western Montana, my childhood home. I would be vacationing for about two weeks with my dad and step-mom and would be seeing my brother, best friend, and other various family members that I never get to see. (Because I live in California, see?) And since my Montana vacation inevitably ends and brings me back to California on June 6th, I have less than week from that date before I fly to Germany for a year. (Are you getting all of this? I know, it’s confusing.)

So… recap of how busy I’ve been (and will continue to be). Graduation. Move-out. Road trip. Montana. Back to California. Pack. Go to Germany. Blog-writing just didn’t fall into my plans. I’m kind of looking at future-business here, setting myself up for any future blog-absences I may have. Ha.

Anyway, I am writing to let you know that I did not forget about you, that I have not let go of myself, that I am no depressed, suicidal, or MIA. I am, in fact, very happy. I love my life. Yesterday, I saw my childhood-crush for the first time in 8 years (even though he’s married and has a super cute baby but we’ll get into that in a later post). My best friend and I have fallen into the same perfect, lovable relationship that we’ve had since we were 11. My little brother is grown up and smart and handsome and I’m so happy to see him. And I’m about to embark on the greatest adventure that I will ever have.

What could make my life any better?


Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Wow! That is one schedule! Best of LUCK!!!

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