May 13, 2010

Taking Care of Business

All of the things that I need to figure out before I leave:
  • Move out of my apartment
  • Post my stuff on Craigslist and try to sell to my friends on Facebook
  • Find somewhere to store my stuff for the year that I’m gone that is free or cheap
  • Break my Verizon contract; try to get out of paying $150 cancellation fee
  • Figure out what to do with my DirecTV account; suspend it for 6 months or pay a $240 cancellation fee on my broken contract. Because apparently I signed up for 24 months, not 12. Sigh.
  • Budget for my credit card payments and my medical bills (Western Dental: $130/mo starting July 11th)
  • Graduate from college
  • Figure out what will become of my eventual student loan payments. Six months after I graduate (which is pretty much six months from now), I will have to start paying on my $41k total. Yikes.
    • Check up on exit loan counseling and possible deferment options
  • Email The Frau for insight about German banks, language courses, and (gasp!) Munich graduate school programs!!
  • Go through my clothes and get rid of anything that I haven’t worn in the last 6 months and give them to Stella
  • Find out about getting a cell phone in Munich; iPhone? Oooo! Maybe not.
  • Figure out what I am going to take to Germany and how I am going to get it there
  • Pack for Montana
  • Pay (or budget to pay for) my $212 speeding ticket
  • Talk to the Campus Health Center about the $200 bill that Doctors on Duty sent me that was supposed to be FREE
  • Practice my Capstone presentation; bring it to under 15 minutes
  • Study for my final in my Adolescence class
  • Write my mom, dad, brother, and best friend letters (So they know how much I love them, just in case something happens while I’m gone.)
  • Budget, budget, budget: I don’t have any money! Sigh.
There’s more, I know there is. I think that my brain is just having trouble wrapping itself around all of this crap. I better get started.
Being an adult is hard.


SARAH said...

"Being an adult is hard."

You said it, lady.

LenaBug said...

Wow, good luck!! :)

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