May 19, 2010

The End Is... Here

I am in the library at CSUMB right now (probably the last time that I will ever say that). I just finished my last (and I mean that!) final for my undergraduate college experience. Now I am organizing my note cards for my Capstone presentation. Glue stick, scissors, highlighters, and all.

Tomorrow at 1 pm, I present my Capstone in front of my peers, professors, and family. Five months of work, 20 something hours of research (at least!), 45 pages, all presented in 16 slides within 15 minutes.

And then I'm done! Forever! 

Or at least until I get to grad school.

Oh, and graduation is on Saturday. Three days from now. What?!


Kara said...

Congratulations on being (almost) finished! That's such an incredible feeling, isn't it?

I'm done with students on Friday at noon. I feel like that's a major milestone, too. I'll have made it through my worst year ever.

LenaBug said...

Way to go, you can do it!! :)

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