March 15, 2011

“Spring Break” in Cologne: Part II

Saturday in Cologne started around 12:30, seeing as we didn’t get up and out of bed until then. We had a late “brunch” and then headed into the city, intent on enjoying a bike ride adventure. It was a nice day – blue skies and a gentle breeze and warm weather! Everything Munich wasn’t. It took us a while to get through the city and find the bike rental station but eventually we managed. We only paid 5 EUR for a three hour rental – it was perfect. We got our bikes and headed out. Fio had done the bike ride before so she knew what she was doing. We had an hour down the right ride of the river and then we’d find a little boat that would take us to the other side. From there, we could ride down the opposite bank and get back to the city. The bike ride, each way was about 10 kilometers or 6 miles! So we rode about 12 miles on Saturday. But it was awesome and so, so, so beautiful. It was probably the best thing that came out of the weekend. I had such a good time and enjoyed the weather and scenery of Cologne from the seat of that horrible, malfunctioning bike. Sigh. Haha.


DSC08420_thumb1Katherine and Fio during our ride

188458_10150440041530035_553135034_17828609_7611905_nMe and Fio, cyclers for life!

DSC08438_thumb2The Rhine river as we crossed over on the boat

After our bike ride, we headed back to the apartment where we cooked pizzas, made salad, and drank beer with Caitlin and one of Katherine’s room mates, a handsome German boy named Timo. We did more pre-drinking and tried to play all sorts of drinking games but we kept coming up short. And Fio just didn’t seem like she was into it. She ended up staying in because she wasn’t feeling well so Katherine, Caitlin, and I went out into the city and stayed out until nearly 5 am! It’s soooo much cheaper to go out in Cologne so I had fun spending significantly less amounts of money then when I’m in Munich. Cocktails for 3,90 EUR and beers for less than 3 EUR. Score!

188450_10150440054495035_553135034_17828762_4622452_nMe, Caitlin, and Katherine – bathroom pics!

190534_10150440056055035_553135034_17828787_393839_nAnd that’s how you party in Cologne! ;)

On Sunday we slept until almost 2, seeing as we’d come in at 5 am that morning and made Sunday our lazy day. We watched English TV in Katherine’s bed and then headed out around 5 to go to a local Irish pub for roast dinner, pub quiz, and karaoke. And it must be mentioned that while I was in Cologne, I had my first ever meet-up with a fellow blogger! The adorable and wonderfully lovely Pia from Odds and Ends lives there in Cologne and since I knew that from reading her blog, I emailed her before hand and got her phone number and then we arranged to meet up in the city. She came to the Irish pub with me and my friends and, bless her sweet, patient heart, she endured at least five hours of me and my crazy friends. Our quiz team, the Big Fat Gypsies came in fifth place. She also stayed to watch us do a bit of karaoke which was, to say the least, entertaining, I’m sure. There was barely anyone in the bar so we all knocked out about four or five songs each. Go us! We’re becoming karaoke masters! Pia left before we did but it was good to see her and have her there with us! Thanks for meet up with me, Pia! I loved meeting you. :)

DSC08492_thumb1Pia and I at Jameson’s Irish Pub

And since Pia got to watch me do karaoke… so do you!

Here I go… Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song!

On Monday, Fio and I woke up early so that we could go into the city and do some touristy things before we had to catch our flight back to Munich at five. We hit up Dunkin Donuts and I got a maple donut and a strawberry donut which was DELICIOUS. Then we went to the Dom and paid 3 EUR to climb about fifty bazillion stairs to get to the top and see the city. My lungs were BURNING and my heart was racing by the time we reached the top (I’m SO out of shape!) but the view from up there was so worth the effort. It was gorgeous. Munich has the Olympia tower, which puts you up about that high but I wish our city had a view like that from the center of town like Cologne does. It was gorgeous and a perfect ending to my time in the city.

DSC08507_thumb1The Rhine river from the atop the Dom

DSC08509_thumb2Some Cathedral spires and the “Love Lock” bridge

DSC08502Another view of the city

DSC08522_thumb1Some artsy pictures that I took while I was lying at the base of the Dom,
catching my breath and resting my tired knees

DSC08523_thumb1Edgar Allen Poe, anyone?

My trip to Cologne was absolutely wonderful. I had such a good time visiting another city for the weekend – I wish that I’d done more of this over the last nine months. It’s hard to believe that I only have three months left in Europe. I hope that I can get a few more travel destinations in there before I go. But seriously… if you ever get the chance to travel Germany, make Cologne one of your destinations. It will be so worth your time and it’s a gorgeous city. I, of course, am a bit partial to Munich but being in another city defintiely allowed em to appreciate how lucky I am to be based in Munich. It, too, is a wonderful city and I was happy to come home – especially since the forecast today is blue, sunny skies, and 60 degree temperatures! I am going to go into the Englischer Garten and lay in the sun and write letters and postcards. A perfect kick off to the spring season.

It’s good to be home.


TexaGermaNadian said...

What an awesome spring break!!! Waaay better than those fools at the beach. Great photos too :)

Kelli said...

I enjoyed your Fresh Prince inpersonation. ;) Beautiful pictures! I especially like the Edgar Allen Poe one. Creepy!

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