August 23, 2010

(Reviving) Music Monday [August 23rd]

When I first started writing this blog, I used to do this thing every Monday where I would post music that I like or that I’d been listening to – Music Mondays, see? And I did it for a few weeks and then kind of… stopped. And since I’m not going back to school, since I don’t have a real job, and my life is pretty much just hanging out with six year olds playing card games, swimming, and going on bike rides, and my social life exists at night and on weekends, I have nothing better to do than blog all the time, listen to music, and read a lot of books. So, I’m going to try to go back to this whole Music Monday thing. I’ve got iTunes on constantly and I’m listening to my iPod so much that the battery dies pretty much everyday. I’ve never listened to music as much as I have been since I’ve been here. And if you know me, that’s a pretty weighted statement because I love music. So, needless to say, this music on Monday thing will be super easy. Hopefully.

Since I arrived in Munich two months ago, I’ve been listening to a lot of different stuff but one play list that I tend to favor more than any other is my collection of tracks from Angus & Julia Stone. It’s been an especially soothing playlist for all of the rainy days that have been taking over Munich lately. I love to have their music in my headphones as I wander the streets of Munich – off to some adventure or social gathering. Or even just a bike ride through the Englischer Garten. This is one of my favorite songs off their album, Down the Way.

This next song, You’re the One That I Want, is another favorite of mine. It features Julia’s vocals which are kind of… different… but in a hauntingly beautiful kind of way. It’s a cover of a song from the musical, Grease, but it’s an infinitely better version, in my opinion. And a song that I’ve related to one or two… or maybe 10… times in my life. Ha.

Honestly, I could post Angus & Julia Stone videos all day. I absolutely adore them. But you should also listen to this and this and this. Thank you, Lauren, for giving them to me. I heart you eternally.

I just found out that they are playing in Munich on November 14th at Backstage Werk on Reitknechtstraße! Only a 30 minute Bahn adventure across the city! Now, I just need a concert buddy or two…


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