August 5, 2010

American Grace, Castle Plans, and Some Leftovers

I’ve gone and done it again. Hurt myself. I was getting in the shower yesterday when I clipped my finger on my five blade razor and took a huge chunk of skin off  the pad of my right middle finger. Freaked me out, there was so much blood. Gross. This happened yesterday at about noon. 23 hours later and it’s finally stopped bleeding. Minimal blood, anyway. I swear to God, I’m the biggest klutz. Funny how on the very day that my foot actually shows signs of 100% healing, I go and mess up my finger. I guess I won’t be swimming for the rest of the summer. The best thing about all of these hazardous injuries is that I’m going to have some bad ass scar stories. Well, maybe not. But at least they’re in an international setting. I can lead with that. :)

Castle trip is underway. Can’t wait to get out of Munich for even a day. And the weather on Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous. Hopefully I don’t get my leg cut off by a passing UBahn before then. Ha.

This entry is a bit random. Just wanted to update my readers (like I’m sooooo popular, ha) about my shenanigans. I know that you were extremely interested in why I’m so retarded that I can’t go even one week without hurting myself. And I had some left over pictures that I needed to post, too. Enjoy!

DSCN3336 Surprise! Love from North Carolina, sent my way!

Hanna knows the way to my heart. I love her!

A successful lunch. American style.

This is how Helen and I party. Oreos and milk. And Juno.

Freddy Kruger stopped by yesterday.
I’m surprised I didn’t die from blood loss.


Kinsey Michaels said...

Oh no Heather! I have had the exact same thing happen to me, and it was not pretty. In fact, and this really sucks, I still have a scar from it, and it happened over a year ago. I hope yours doesn't scar!
What a sweet care package :)

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