July 15, 2010

A Crippled Lazy Life, Cheese Balls, and Solitary Felines

My life has been marginally pathetic over the last week. Mostly because I am crippled and have no money. I haven’t been leaving the house much during the day, mostly because I sleep until 12:30 or 1 and I’m too lazy to stop doing that. And I can’t walk very well. It gets better everyday but sometimes, I’d rather just lay in bed and read or sleep. And because it’s just so damn hot. The summer weather in Munich is killing me. It’s somewhere between 85 and 90 degrees almost everyday and I am sweating all the time. It’s gross. And it doesn’t help that my bedroom is on the third floor and everybody knows that heat rises. The last few nights I’ve just laid in my bed, my skin feeling sticky and hot, and my body just super uncomfortable. I need a fan. Fortunately today, it’s much cooler since it’s been raining and plans to continue raining. Which is fine by me. The sun can always come back later. Maybe when I have my stitches out and can actually go in the pool again.

The girls have been going to the pool almost everyday. Sometimes I take them, sometimes I don’t. But since I haven’t been able to go in the water I’ve been taking pictures of them. The Frau asked me to make them each a scrapbook that covers the year of their life that I am with them so I figured I better get started on my collections. I’ve been taking A LOT of pictures. I can only imagine what my collection will look like at the end of my year here.

We ended up finding my keys. Remember how I wrote about losing them at the pool?  They had them at the cafe of the sports club where the swimming pool is located. Right where I knew they would be. Disaster averted. We don’t have to change the locks to the entire house at my expense. All is well. Helen told me a story about a host-mom who said that they would have to change the house locks and buy the car a new engine (????) after her au-pair lost her set of keys at Octoberfest. Dang.

One of the best things about my au pair job is that I cook everyday. Granted, I’m not making a lot of different kinds of food but I’m learning. I’m finding that I actually like it and it’s fun. And I’m good at it! German food is interesting. I make a lot of potatoes and bratwurst. Mostly just pasta and salad. But I love the random weird stuff that they have here.

DSCN2971 This is my favorite.
A ball of mozzarella cheese in a bag of water.
You drain the water, of course.
And then serve.
It’s delicious, seriously, I could eat the whole ball.

I’m still enjoying the night life of Munich, as always. I absolutely love going out in this city. It never disappoints. Except when I end up in the hospital. But that’s my own fault. Anyway, I really, really love this city. Pretty much every Thursday I’ve been going out to ToyTown meet-ups. This will be the first week that I don’t. One of Jessica’s friends is in town visiting so we’re showing him around and that doesn’t include Toy Town. We met up with him at a biergarten the other night and took him to get drinks at a really cheap hostel bar and then we went clubbing. We’re going to take him to the Hofbrauhaus and then show him some more of the crazy city life, I imagine. And I just hobble along behind them until I’m a bit buzzed because after a few drinks, I actually walk like a normal person. Haha. I know this probably isn’t the best part about Germany, but I don’t get hungover. I have yet to really regret a night out. At least one night every weekend, sometimes two, I manage to get myself home, completely drunk. I make my UBahn transfers, I get off at the right stop, I unlock my bike and ride it home. And then I pass out in my bed and wake up without a second thought to the previous night’s festivities. People keep telling me that it’s probably because German bier doesn’t have all the crap in it like American beer does. I am going to miss German bier when I go home. :(

And now for some random pictures to wrap it up. I need to add more pictures to my Facebook. I’ve been slacking on that. Sorry Facebook friends!

DSCN2983 Chinesischer Turm in the fading daylight

The only cat in Munich, Germany. I see him/her every once in a while.
Seriously though… this is the only one. I have yet to see another.

The summer version of myself. I’m changing colors!


Soph! said...

ahh to be a crippled au pair. I broke my ankle during the first few months of being au pair. It sucked. Especially since I lived in Amsterdam and used a bike to get everywhere. I hope your foot feels better soon and you're back to your normal life!I know how bad it sucks to be stuck in the bed!

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